“What the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~Howard Thurman

Dani Bois

National Board Certified
Health & Wellness Coach


A coach is a partner on your path who honors you as the expert on your own life and helps you to find your authentic way towards greater well-being by making choices and enacting lasting changes that align with your values, priorities, and dreams.Who do I help?
I help adults who are ready to move toward greater health and overall well-being in an empowered and self-directed way. It can be hard to follow through and stick to new habits and lifestyle changes. Working with a coach can help provide the support, accountability, and encouragement needed to bring your intentions and goals into reality. The coaching relationship is a dedicated space to focus on yourself, your well-being, and your goals in an ongoing and holistic way.
How do I help?
I work with clients on one or more areas of their choosing to bring themselves into greater well-being. Some examples include: adjustments to diet and food choices, increasing exercise and movement, gaining control over screen time, working on sleep rhythms, prioritizing creative outlets or passions, following through on projects, integrating mindfulness or stress-relieving practices, and much more. As a holistic health coach, I recognize the interconnectedness and importance of health and well-being in many areas of life and that they each affect the others, and are one integrated whole.
I offer remote, one-on-one coaching sessions. They are 4 times per month for 3 to 6 months, depending on your needs. Fees are $515/month with the possibility of a sliding scale option. Schedule a free call to learn more and see if coaching with me is the right choice.


I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Mindful Change Coach with a desire to help humanity by supporting people to feel healthy, vibrant, and empowered in their lives.Certain experiences and practices in particular have been pivotal in my life and to my own health and well being, such as yoga, meditation, and energy healing to name a few. I am a certified Reiki Master and Magical Awakening practitioner, completed the Priestess Path Apprenticeship (a women's leadership and empowerment training), and have lived and worked for several seasons at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.As a lover of nature, travel, dance, hiking, and reading, I am often exploring and learning something new, whether in outer landscapes or inner realms. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont which is located in one of my favorite states, where I live most of the time.


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"Meeting with Dani each week, during the depths of pandemic parenting, was a shining light in my week. She validated my experience and helped me find the areas I could shift to improve my situation. It's been over six months and I'm still implementing some of those solutions today."
-Amity Kramer; mother, wife, and small business owner
"Every time I worked with Dani, her calm, skillful presence helped me feel grounded. She is a natural at holding the space for transformation to happen. Working with Dani helped me easily and quickly find clarity in areas of my life where I had felt stuck. The revelations always surprised me, and were powerful in helping move me along toward making my dreams come true." -Linda S."Dani is an incredible listener, points out themes or connections that I was unable to see myself. Also she was there to support me where I was that day without judgement." -Connie B.